About Emilio

Innovations by Emilio Hair Salon is a full service beauty salon that has been serving customers in the El Paso, Texas area since 1983. Emilio is one of the top five hair stylists in the El Paso area. He utilizes the latest techniques to create the classic or contemporary style that is completely unique to each individual.

Innovations by Emilio has utilized his talent to create beauty queens for the local beauty pageants. He has won numerous awards and been mentioned in the news for his creative skills in hair design. No wonder his customers love him for his talent and skills are out of this world. Emilio can totally transform a person into a new personality that has more confidence and step into their walk. Being such an experienced hair designer, it is no wondered that when you get asked, "Where did you get your hair styled at," the typical response is at Emilio's.

Innovations by Emilio creates a loyal customer base, because of the labor he puts into each of his hair designs. Have any questions or comments please feel free to ask. Thanks for taking the time and stopping by to check out what Innovations by Emilio is all about.

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